Doggie under my table

Port Douglas

At a cafe, facing the four mile beach, across the street at Port Douglas. I sat, sipping a glass of mango smoothie, melting in the summer heat, trickling down beads of water on the outside, into my palms. 

I pulled in my legs to give dear doggie under my table, some space. She appeared to be asleep. 

For company I had a house fly on the other side of the table. I let it rest there, after a few failed attempts to shoo it away! 

I watched people, walking in and out. Some were groups of friends, some couples, young and old. They walked in and out, lost in thoughts. About each other?, mesmerised by nature?, or something  else?, who knows?!  
I sat for long, watching them and each one gave me a new thread of thoughts. I imagined my thoughts about their thoughts and about their thoughts of my thoughts!

And here in the cafe, away from home, away from everyone I had known, I was expecting love to find me, like it did back home. Expecting to find something that would get my affection. 

And in the present, I had kicked d
ear doggie under my table, I guess!

In the summer afternoon heat, she was acting dead until a moment ago. Now she was squealing and I had jumped out of my thoughts and from my chair and fled two tables away. She had sprung into the cafe to be consoled by the cafe owner. She got hugged, patted and stroked. 

Happy with that, dear doggie came back and settled under a different table.
The house fly had gone, and my glass was empty…
It was time to leave…

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